Dreaming about eyebrow

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– they are dark: good health; – high, wide brow: good judgment and good business; – strong: joy; – emergent, sparse, burned: loss shows itself; – thin or low: there should be no lack of effort and patience; – burn: dispute in probate; – on their own, worry: an unimportant, but fortunate event; – eyelids: omen for trouble in your environment. Be on the alert and help you if you can. – Squinting eyelids: you will have to contend with deceit.
Hindu – eyebrows: your health is fine; – weak, failed or singed eyebrows: indicate impending loss; – strong eyebrows are an expression of a strong will and success. – Eyelids and eyebrows are a jewel of the eyes. – Someone dreaming that his eyelids and eyebrows have become more beautiful, he will become more consistent in his faith and experience joy in his children. – Sunset seems to the emperor, his eyelids and eyebrows have become ugly, he is ill and living in fear of his enemies, but they are not subject to, a simple man is sick, but not lose his faith. – Cuts or a good appearance of the colors due to his eyebrows, he will strive diligently to provide his children esteem and achieve it. – Dreams of the emperor failed, as it were a leper, the eyebrows are his weapons and are subject to the leadership of his troops come into bad hands, a common man to entrust the people with no more responsibility.
– eyebrows and eyelids are an ornament of the face. A dream the same had become bushier and more beautiful than before, he will win many prestige and honor and triumph over his enemies, an unmarried woman is to marry after her own heart and get rich. – Dreams of the emperor, eyebrows and eyelids have become bald and failed, his sons will not follow him to the throne, even his heart^s desire not to be realized and to his wife he will cherish bitter hatred, an ordinary man who is his favorite jewelry lose.