Dreaming about eyebrows

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eyebrows, denotes that you will encounter sinister obstacles in your immediate future
Heavy eyebrows signify distinction as well as success; exaggeratedly arched eyebrows predict a surprise; thin eyebrows forecast disappointment in business or love, whichever concerns you most a dream in which you were worried about your eyebrows or they fell out is telling you that you are probably being deceived in love, but if you were pleased with their condition and appearance, you may expect some small but important gain shortly
Eyebrows, denotes that you will encounter sinister obstacles in your immediate future
To dream you see or touch your eyebrows, means that soon you expect happiness and luck to dream of itching your eyebrows, suggests an expected death of a close person to dream you see bushy black eyebrows, suggests you take your cash to dream you thin and paint your eyebrows, suggests you expect disappointment from a partner or professional colleague to dream you have eyebrows, suggests you will take serious and unavoidable problems in the workplace

Meaning for seeing eyebrows in your dreams

To dream about eyebrows indicates expressiveness such as shock, wariness, and surprise it could also suggest worry or dissatisfaction with someone or something
To notice eyebrows in your dream, represents expressions of amazement, disbelief, surprise, or doubt it may also indicate concern or disapproval
Eyebrows frame your expression and can symbolize your response and behavior if you are grooming your eyebrows, there is a sense that you are changing your approach and self image see anatomy and body parts