Dreaming about eyelashes

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long, silken eyelashes predict the sharing of a secret that disconcerts you and makes you appear at a disadvantage.
Protection of vision allure you are being cheated by friends postponement of success
Long, beautiful eyelashes predict happy love affairs and/or enjoyable social events, unless they are false ones, in which case the dream signifies the discovery of a secret that would be best shared with some competent adviser to be without lashes or to see someone else without lashes indicates some treachery around you; be cautious about confidences
To dream of eyelashes, means you should not trust someones secrets and be protected from treachery dreaming of long and think eyelashes, predicts you like the opposite sex

Meaning for seeing eyelashes in your dreams

To dream of eyelashes or growing eyelashes suggests that you are attempting to show your emotions in a secretive manner this dream can also indicate good fortune to dream that your eyelashes fall off suggests that you have trouble showing what’s on your mind this could be indicative of losing your feminine strength if you only lose one eyelash, then this also foretells of good fortune
To dream that you eyelashes are growing, signifies that good health and fortunes will be with you