Dreaming about fair

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Social activities of a happy nature change for the better to dream of being at a fair, denotes that you will have a pleasant and profitable business and a congenial companion for a young woman, this dream signifies a jovial and even tempered man for a life partner.
Social activities of a happy nature change for the better.
Dreaming of a fair, means you are ahead of rapid changes, meet many new acquaintances, endure intense privacy and enjoy dynamic events.
If you dream of attending a fair this denotes that you will have much pleasantness in your life to win prizes at the fair indicates a true love that will make you happy for the rest of your life if you lose a game this means that the companion you have chosen will turn out to be the wrong one for you.

Meaning for seeing fair in your dreams

Dreaming of being at a fair can symbolize the need to incorporate more enjoyment in what you are doing the idea of ‘fairness’ might be something that is explored in a”Fair setting” this amusement and carnival atmosphere can also symbolize pretending or donning a persona that is not natural see amusement park.