Dreaming about fall in love

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If you are dreaming that you fall in love with people, it runs the risk, the importance to be attached to certain things, which is exaggerated and not appropriate. Besides, you should watch out yourself, that you do not depend from another people and you should not give up your own wishes and ideas. If another person falls in love in the dream, with you, you will have bad and sad experiences.
– The dream about lovers or love: this urges temperance in the feelings and this means that you will make sad experiences, if you have not previously scrutinized his heart; – You fall in love or somebody else is in love with you: this brings you  bitter disappointments; – In the dream you fall in love with someone: you will have other advantages and benefits.
– In the dream you are fallen in love: this year will be very good for you, you deserve this.
– In the dream you are fallen in love: you will experience small deceptions; – You see lovers in the dream: you will enjoy secret joys.