Dreaming about family

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If you dream about family, it may be a way for your mind to express feelings and concerns about your real family that you could not express in daily life. Some believe that this dream usually has nothing to do with your actual family members, but rather the male and female sides of your own personality or self. So in a dream, your father may represent your expressive and protective aspects, while your mother could stand for your receptive and nurturing side. If family members behave very differently in a dream than they do in real life, or if unexpected things happen when you are with your dream family, the dream is probably a way of releasing your anxiety about real life family issues.
Family members may appear in our dreams to symbolize an offering of security and support. To dream of parents demonstrates a longing for security and approval. Mothers typically personify love and support, while fathers reflect a desire for authority or protection. Members of the extended family usually appear in dreams either as themselves, highlighting positive or negative aspects in our relationship with them, or signifying various aspects of our own personality that may be a source of comfort or a challenge.
Kin group prosperous times ahead to dream of one’s family as harmonious and happy, is significant of health and easy circumstances; but if there is sickness or contentions, it forebodes gloom and disappointment.
Kin group prosperous times ahead.
A dream of a large and/or happy family, whether human or animal, predicts a general upswing in all your interests.
Dreaming of your family, indicates that you are to support a relative or someone close dreaming that you have family, indicates that you will have the support of friends.

Meaning for seeing family in your dreams

If you dream of a large family this means that your fortunes in life are looking up, but if the family is unhappy or bickering it will denote the opposite for you it would mean the same if the family is an animal family if the family is very sad expect some adverse reactions in your financial structure.
Dreams of family members are very common, although they are still generally a reflection of how you explore the qualities of others to learn more about your potential dreams of this type often take place after an experience that has left you wondering about your personal dynamics.