Dreaming about famous

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Psychological meaning: people who appear in your dreams represent aspects of your own self that you may be unaware of famous people usually represent the person you would like to be ask yourself what psychological characteristics and traits this person symbolises for you these may be the qualities that you need to integrate into your own personality if you dream of being famous yourself, this may show your need to be admired by the people around you mystical meaning: it is said that to dream of being famous means that you are trying to grasp something which is beyond your reach.
Dreaming that you see a famous person, suggests that you are to show jealousy toward something or someone dreaming yourself as a person who is famous, means that someone will offer flattering words to you.
Dreaming of being famous signifies that you long to be in the public eye and to be rewarded for your previous efforts this dream can be a release dream or a wish fulfillment dream.