Dreaming about fang

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Animal fangs in a dream are a warning of serious family troubles brewing, likely, but not necessarily, with in laws it would be wise to avoid any controversy (or better still, contact) with such relatives for as long as possible following this dream.
If you have good, healthy and white teeth in your sleep, expect financial success if your teeth are yellowed and spotty, you will suffer material losses artificial tooth dreams mean you must be careful of fraud, gold teeth, of bribery, clinched teeth concealed intentions, broken tooth, ahead of you lie problems and cares if you dream that your tooth fell out, you will hear about someone’s death if it is a molar or wisdom tooth, a person you have known for long will die, and if a front tooth ? A close relative if it does not hurt when it falls, a friend or relative if you draw a tooth, you will make a mistake in your work.