Dreaming about farewell

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Dreaming of bidding farewell, is not very favorable, as you are likely to hear unpleasant news of absent friends for a young woman to bid her lover farewell, portends his indifference to her if she feels no sadness in this farewell, she will soon find others to comfort her.
The omen depends on the circumstances if you said good bye to someone you know, it signifies a coming break in a close relationship; if you said it to a stranger, it predicts a new friend if someone said it to you, the forecast is of a change of residence or position.
A dream where you are saying farewell suggests that something in your waking life is coming to or has come to an end; this could be anything from the end of a relationship to the end of a chapter in your life  
Speak or hear in a dream the greeting goodbye; or stay healthy;, so that does not mean anything good, because those words people use not when they come to each other even if they want to do something, but only if they goodbye to each other or go to bed. Therefore it separates communities and marriages and pulls away the sick.
A death-dream is similar to the farewell dreams. It remains to be determined, of which one takes (in reality) farewell. Departure may mean that life will change radically, for example, by separating people, things, attitudes and beliefs, but also feelings, or a new career. If one wishes to see you again in a dream (goodbye; to say), this could be seen as a positive sign. It is also possible that one can only mentally chang the habits, attitudes and behaviors, because the personality is developed. A dream in which we say good-bye to friends or the partner does not automatically mean that you want to leave this soon, we might adopt some of which they represent. In the same way, the parting means a building or place that has let his past as a whole or at least a portion of it to behind him already. Additional symbols in the dream may clarify its true meaning.
Farewells usually means a change in your life or an imminent change in living habits. Farewell to the parents promise to change mostly younger people greater independence. The departure from a steady boyfriend or girlfriend is often a fixed expression of distrust in their actual loyalty, perhaps you want to win but also in a fixed ratio to the distance so far probably somewhat monotonous life. Saying goodbye to old people, in some cases point to a never seen again, but sometimes also include the admonition that one should give up a bad habit at last. (Women in dreams often take leave of someone) in lifestyle are likely to occur some changes. Farewell: If you voted the separation happy or sad? Perhaps it marks a certain stage of life or a relationship. If not, then you might want something to pass in or out of your life. One dreams of a farewell party, which is to be interpreted as an indication that something is completed or soon to be completed. What is complete, usually shows the dream by the Past is referred to in the dream.

Meaning for seeing farewell in your dreams

From the parents: affliction, sorrow or disease; – Of the lover or the groom: loyalty; – From friends: friendship and assistance; – Give a friend or girlfriend: inheritance; – Of strangers: worries will disappear soon; – Take self-bye: you^ll be remembered in a will; loyalty; – Two people see each other: own infidelity.
– provide farewell: a loss due to illness or death; – Take from somebody: proclaimed good and lasting friendship.