Dreaming about fear

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Dreaming about a fear of yours means that you are having anxiety about certain events in your life. You may not be as successful in a particular task as you had hoped.
Represents the thing you have to face up to in waking life.
Unexpressed love self doubts courage.
Unexpressed love self doubts courage.
The meaning of this dream can vary greatly according to the details of the dream and the circumstances of the dreamer; therefore, all those factors should be carefully considered as a general guide: if you conquered the cause of your dreamed fear and/or the sensation disappeared during the dream, the forecast is that you will overcome your difficulties; however, if the feeling persisted and/or the cause was indefinable, you should expect to have to cope with problems arising from the deceit or dishonesty of someone you trusted to dream of calming the fears of others indicates the clearing up of a misunderstanding and/or removal of a threat to your peace of mind.
Dreaming of fears or if another has a fear, suggests that you will fix a misunderstanding or will fix the relationship with someone alternatively, to dream of being afraid, suggests that in reality you may undergo a failure dreaming that you were able to overcome your fear in a dream, suggests that you know you can do without a complex problem.
If you are experiencing great fear in your dreams, you are having nightmares these types of dreams are positive because your unconscious mind is trying to tell you something if you have repressed issues, they may be coming to the surface think about the fear in your dreams and try to be honest with yourself face your fears and as a great american president once said”There is nothing to fear, but fear itself” having fearful dreams seems to be relatively common most dreams are unpleasant and that is the nature of our private unconscious issues and concerns, repressed emotions, and daily stress all contribute to an uneasy sleep and to fear filled dreams.
If you were to boil all negative emotions down, you would find fear at the root in nearly every case if something is unknown or not classified as good, it tends to go hand in hand with fear we seek stasis, while life leads us to move beyond our tendency to hold to the familiar every plant and animal on the earth has outlasted a struggle for existence that is three and a half billion years old driven toward survival, overcoming fear is never second nature.
Unexpressed love, self-doubt.
What I^m willing to accept in myself and others?

Meaning for seeing fear in your dreams

You play in dream images very often a prominent role. The ancient Egyptians described the fear that you have that you probably do not quite satisfied with yourself. Modern psychology sees this as a mistake you would like to undo. The cry of fear in the dream suggests, therefore indicates a very serious mistake, which requires compensation initiative.
One of the most important factors in the pre-;care; (why not pre-preparation, or even pre-joy) is for health and well-being in the resolution of fears. The psychologists of different schools assume that fear exists in every human being the one hand, as a necessary circuit breakers and fuses, other than historical legacy. If it is in this sense normal; that you have certain fears, then one is better equipped, the dreams of their own fears too! The other, dreaming not of their fears, have as much fear they only have it much harder to manipulate these fears, which in turn is the only way to pick them up and get rid of. Dealing with the fear is part of being human. We will not be affected by this fear and repress them because of that. What is repression? Under displacement is understood in depth psychology an internal defense mechanism, one that fears or rejects what is and what is a perceived threat, no longer can. Displacement is also a motivated forgetting. The motivation is influenced by the fact that we commonly experience states of fear or of pain do not want. In that we tend to repress our fears, they seek us home at night in a dream. So if I^m scared to express my aggression openly, I will probably have dreams in which I am confronted with this aggression. Everything frightens us and what we deal with in the waking state, therefore, we meet at night in a dream. Such a nightmare can be a nightmare to increase, from which we wake up drenched in sweat and sometimes even crying. The term nightmare; comes from Albina,; the white goddess of the word is elf; derived. The nightmare is also associated with the elves dream in which rise the negative and dangerous aspects that symbolize the elves. We must confront this fear in a dream and you can not repress, by telling yourself that was just a dream, the best forgotten quickly. Best me just happened after the nightmare of fear or the type and cause of anxiety closely. If you want to interpret such a dream and you should interpret such dreams must, otherwise they have a tendency to recur forever ask yourself the following questions: what makes me scared in this dream? Look at you scary situation carefully and ask yourself, how do you know this situation from your everyday life. How do I react to this fear in a dream? Which conclusions does this reaction? What other response options could be envisaged? Play at least by your imagination alternative response options. Better yet, wishing they could try the alternative reaction patterns in the awake state. Why are you dreaming right now this fear or nightmare? Most frightening dreams occur just when the fear-inspiring shortly before been experienced consciously or unconsciously. To do so again right through the last days before the dream and write down all the scary moments. How you can order these or any of them on your dreams? Have you had a similar dream earlier? Try to recall specifically whether you have had in your childhood like scary dreams. If so, try to understand those dreams and make you realize that your reaction is as it were time-barred. This means that you need as an adult, these fears were evident in childhood and possibly functional, not today. If you deal in detail with these five questions should not in a detached, unemotional way done, but let yourself be touched by the fear and uncertainty. If you want to entrust a partner or a friend, then you may be strengthened by his presence, explore these fears and remember, repeat and work through; these fears in your imagination, piece by piece (Freud). After that, it is essential to look at your fantasies and feelings from a distance. But go at once distanced approached your fears, they will not perform to their original. Basically you make at this technique, the fear your ally, by showing you where they come from. Once you understand this, you can usually resolve these fears. If this is not against all expectation, however, not possible, you should ask for advice on a psychotherapist who has experience in dealing with dreams. Dreams that cause anxiety are more indication of doubt, insecurity, inhibitions and guilt-feelings or inferiority. Important for the interpretation of such dreams is the fear of what was thrown. If a certain anxiety dreams often disturbed and the dreamer much, so this indicates a serious disorder that may require a therapeutic treatment. As soon as you wake up from this dream, this nightmare, you should try to analyze in the waking state to figure out the reason.
– To dream a fear of something: you will overcome your enemies and despite many obstacles your goal in life to come closer, the worse the pain, the greater your success; – to have fear of something particular property: difficulties in the home, a project will not succeed; shows pretty sure at some misfortune; – for a young woman means disappointment and unrequited love; – a young woman in front of a frightened dog: you might doubt a good friend; – others to experience fear: you will soon come into a self-critical situation, or it is a disappointment.
– to have a fear in a dream: you will accomplish something victorious. – anguished cry: you will have unpleasant surprises.