Dreaming about feathers

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If your dream featured many small feathers, or a cloud of them, as from a pillow fight, it signifies an exceptional stroke of luck which will enhance your prestige as well as your income ornamental feathers, or articles made of them, such as ostrich feather fans, boas or feathered hats, indicate an increase in social popularity or personal power to dream of gathering or sweeping feathers up or picking them off clothes or furniture predicts a life of many small joys other than the foregoing, a dream of feathers can have as many meanings as there are varieties of feathers, and should be interpreted by analyzing the action of the dream and the color of the feathers.
If you dream that you wear feathers smoothly and quietly, that means you will enjoy comfort and a calm financial life if a pen with feathers has fallen to the ground, it could mean the end of a success, restlessness and loss of dignity chicken feathers symbolize minor irritants, eagle feathers wealth and nobility, peacock feathers and other colorful birds a successful social life.