Dreaming about feet

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Seeing your own feet in a dream symbolizes your foundation, stability and sense of understanding. You may need to be more practical and sensible, or it can mean you are ready for more independence and freedom in your life. If you dream that you are washing your feet, you will let others take advantage of you. If you dream that you have big feet, people admire you and find you attractive. If you dream of having no feet, this foretells unexpected obstacles in your path. Also see barefoot.
Dreaming of seeing your own feet, is omnious{sic} of despair you will be overcome by the will and temper of another to see others’ feet, denotes that you will maintain your rights in a pleasant, but determined way, and win for yourself a place above the common walks of life to dream that you wash your feet, denotes that you will let others take advantage of you to dream that your feet are hurting you, portends troubles of a humiliating character, as they usually are family quarrels to see your feet swollen and red, you will make a sudden change in your business by separating from your family this is an evil dream, as it usually foretells scandal and sensation.
The interpretation depends on the circumstances of the dream, but as a general guide: itching feet predict travel to bathe the feet indicates release from anxiety strange feet signify new acquaintances aching feet mean family troubles stocking feet forecast an annoying mystery bare feet suggest new experiences with the opposite sex dirty feet are a warning to guard your credit burning feet signify jealousy cold feet augur a disappointment in love a broken foot suggests reverses in fortune through carelessness loss of feet indicates unexpected obstacles having your feet stepped on is a warning against indiscreet actions and/or talk children’s feet represent small disappointments many feet walking on a sidewalk predict a financial loss or loss of an expected gain very large feet promise good health very small feet signify needless worry pain from bunions or sore feet forecasts comfort in old age treatment by a podiatrist predicts a change for the better.
Dreaming of a wooden leg,means you stand accused of fraud or dishonesty to dream of feet, indicates it is your feast to dream that you got blood on your feet, means there is something you do not like to dream you have your feet up, means you will meet with friends to dream of muddy or dirty feet, means to mind your health problems to dream of your feet or leg, means your friends will abandon you or surrender to dream of swollen legs or feet with varicose veins, suggests you expected losses and damages to dream of big feet, means you will enjoy goodwill and respect to dream of a foot disjointed, suggests you are worsening relations between relatives or friends to dream you foot is cut, means you will be down a friend or trusted person to dream bare feet, suggests poverty to dream of a broken foot, means you would have prejudiced dignity or lack of trust.

Meaning for seeing feet in your dreams

A dream where there is focus on feet or your feet suggests that you need to learn to stand on your own two feet or be more independent, you need support or freedom, be in more control of your life, or you need to be more grounded.
Feet can symbolize the ability to stand on your ‘own two feet’ or the ability to walk away from difficulty strange feet can suggest the path not traveled suggesting an unusual approach or way of carrying yourself forward bare feet suggest taking a path that allows for the natural expression of who you are when a dream focuses on feet, you are exploring a way of going forward that better reflects who you are see anatomy and body parts.