Dreaming about fence

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A partition of two symbols or meanings to focus upon. An obstacle. A choice.
A fence is used to mark your personal space in dreams this is a symbol of sharing and indicates suppression of feelings you do not share your feelings with others and more importantly you do not acknowledge your feelings yourself feelings come from your heart and persistent suppression can lead to health problems in this area also look for symbols to do with your head, such as roofs or being up a height, as these dreams are often asking you to move your centre of consciousness down from your head and into your heart.
Boundary separation where differences meet to dream of climbing to the top of a fence, denotes that success will crown your efforts to fall from a fence, signifies that you will undertake a project for which you are incapable, and you will see your efforts come to naught to be seated on a fence with others, and have it fall under you, denotes an accident in which some person will be badly injured to dream that you climb through a fence, signifies that you will use means not altogether legitimate to reach your desires to throw the fence down and walk into the other side, indicates that you will, by enterprise and energy, overcome the stubbornest barriers between you and success to see stock jumping a fence, if into your enclosure, you will receive aid from unexpected sources; if out of your lot, loss in trade and other affairs may follow to dream of building a fence, denotes that you are, by economy and industry, laying a foundation for future wealth for a young woman, this dream denotes success in love affairs; or the reverse, if she dreams of the fence falling, or that she falls from it.
Boundary separation where differences meet.
An obstacle dream signifying difficulties ahead; the interpretation depends on what else is happening in the dream and on its outcome.
Dreaming of installing a fence, signifies that you will be protected from unfair charges and claims to dream that you jumped over a fence, suggests that you are to realize ones intentions dreaming that you see a burning fence, means then that something is not quite right in your family to dream of passing by a fence, signifies that your troubles are not what they seem to dream that you see a fence, signifies that you may encounter obstacles to your job dream of knocking down a fence, represents that you are not satisfied with your achievements.
A dream of a fence can indicate that you feel fenced in a fence can block you or it can protect you if you are on the fence, the dream might suggest that you are undecided about something.
A dream of a fence can indicate that you feel”Fenced in” a fence can block you or it can protect you if you are”On the fence,” the dream might suggest that you are undecided about something.
A dream with a fence suggests that you are facing some kind of obstacle or setback, you want some space to yourself, someone is invading your privacy, feeling restricted in some way, or you need to re evaluate your goals or endeavors.
Like the symbol of being enclosed, a fence can have associations with feeling trapped in the case of the fence, it doesn’t really keep things out and can be removed or bypassed quite easily feeling trapped goes hand in hand with idea of being a victim, when in actuality you are the perpetrator of a perpetual cycle that you are dreaming of a fence, suggests that you realize that ‘established boundaries’ can be torn down the fence can portray the idea of ‘no trespassing’ in a new relationship where boundaries are being explored.
Fences in dreams are often as symbols of barriers to social or class barriers, however, they may reflect also the desire of the dreamer for privacy. Perhaps he is aware of the limits imposed upon him by a relationship, he feel their restrictive effect on his life. On the other hand, the fence could be a symbol of the difficulties which the dreamer has to express itself. Fence may stand for the need for safety and security. Dreamers often sees this as well as obstacles that can sometimes set themselves because they predict too little and thus self-limiting.
The fence has a similar meaning in dreams as the wall. Fance can also provide protection and security. But it can be used also as obstacle. If you climb over fence in dream, then you will success in life and all obstacles in your path will be successfuly evacuated aside. If you remain attached to it or tear at the clothes of a picket, then you must maneuver carefully in the near future, so as not to hang in life, that is, to suffer a failure.

Meaning for seeing fence in your dreams

A fence can represent spiritual boundaries. The dreamer must find out what prevents him in his spiritual progress.
– To see fence: you will encounter some obstacles; – If fence is of barbed wire: you should take extra caution; – Quit or jump over fence: nothing can stop you in your doings.
– General: you can remove obstacles, but you need to strong physical exertion; – To see fence: you have to overcome many obstacles; – To stand before fence in dream: with much care it is now emerging overcome obstacles; – Slip through: you will use illegal means to achieve plans; – Top: you will see a difficult thing the way out; – Rock on: success will crown the efforts; – Climb over and do not come across: a project fails due to external circumstances, to change which does not lie in their own power; – Climb on and depend, remain injury or tear your clothes: you will achieve goal, but the success has been very different; – Get hurt when climbing over: one can get some injuries while achieving the goal, but honestly it^s all presented very different; – Fall of one: one which is not suitable for the project will take and fail in attack; – With another on a break and sit: a person is seriously injured in an accident; – To see damaged: you must protect your property better; – Trample one and run to the other side: one is doing and the energy to overcome persistent obstacles on the path to success; – See cattle jump over a fence in their own territory: it is getting help from an unexpected source; – See cattle break out of the pasture: losses will follow you in trade and other matters; – A building with fences: one is put through thrift and hard work the foundation for prosperity; – For a young woman building a fence promises success in love or the opposite, if she dreams collapse of the fence.
– To see fence in dream: just look at the people who come to visit you.