Dreaming about fertilizer

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An auspicious dream signifying new sources of income.
– Manure (compost) pile displays secure prosperity and success, but also admonished not to be stingy, because otherwise you can lose it all again. – Manure (fertilizer) announces financial results and profits, if he is in a field, looks to it or smells. – If the fertilizer left, might have to unpaid bills. – This is often associated the call, that you leave behind on the path of life, to lay the foundations for a better future and to develop further. – Old dream books explain that one must reckon with a disease, if you stand on the manure.
Even if it does not smell good, it is a symbol of good luck a (spiritual) seed has germinated and get promotion (fertilizer) its prosperity nothing stands in the way. A encouragement dream ideas are implemented successfully, wishes come true, plans get strong support.
It stands for the charge of the forces and the awakening of creativity, new hope and new opportunities.

Meaning for seeing fertilizer in your dreams

– fertilizer in a dream: you should be careful in your new acquaintances, because some of them will slander you; also: a good sign for all in subordinate positions, not so auspicious for the wealthy; – see: becoming profitable; – stand on such: means disease; – fertilize something: you will get very good results with a company; – spread on the field: happiness and blessings promised result of our activity; – manure pit: brings prosperity. – see dunghill: is indicative of most unpleasant work to overcome them but we will achieve a good profit; – shows soil with manure to dishonest actions and deeds.
– see fertilizer in a dream: the job you will have great benefits, not be stingy, it brings no profit; – smell: success in all things; – go and see: unexpected happiness to you is given.
– see fertilizer in a dream: a good business; – smell: lottery winnings; you will reach old age; – go to the field: growing your wealth; – scatter: your work will succeed. – dunghill, small: you have to be frugal; – large general: wealth; – big and you are not married: sign speedy happy marriage; – large and married: particularly harmonious married life.