Dreaming about field

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A field symbolizes your heart and feelings, as green is the color of the heart chakra fields are generally open and expansive so the dream is also asking you to be more open with your feelings green also symbolizes harmony see green.
Dreaming of dead corn or stubble fields, indicates to the dreamer dreary prospects for the future to see green fields, or ripe with corn or grain, denotes great abundance and happiness to all classes to see newly plowed fields, denotes early rise in wealth and fortunate advancement to places of honor to see fields freshly harrowed and ready for planting, denotes that you are soon to benefit by your endeavor and long struggles for success see cornfields and wheat.
This dream can have many meanings, and its details must be carefully considered, but as a general guide: green and/or pleasant fields signify great prosperity and happy circumstances in both personal and business affairs withered or dry fields suggest coming reverses a newly plowed field indicates that you can attain your goal, but it will entail very hard work and possibly some sacrifice.
Dreaming that you see animals in the field, predicts that you are to meet with enemies to dream of a green field, means you have hopes and joy to dream that you see a plowed field, suggests that you will have sorrow and difficulty to dream of a field sown with wheat, predicts profit.

Meaning for seeing field in your dreams

Dreaming of green fields, ripe with corn or grain, indicates you will have great abundance if you dream of plowed fields, you will have wealth and prestige at a young age of course, if you dream of a field full of dead corn, expect some hard times to come before the good ones if you dream of a freshly plowed pasture ready for planting, a long struggle will soon be resolved and you will have great success.
You can dream of a ball field as a way of exploring the idea of balance or feelings of competitiveness in a more natural setting, you can be examining the part of your nature that is more natural and open to dream of wandering into an empty field suggests a type of openness in meeting the future, where ideas can rise as inspiration regardless of what you are doing in the field, it is a symbol of expanding your awareness lush meadows can symbolize the fertile garden growing within you you may come out of the forest after a difficult transition and arrive in the field as a representation of your newly expanded awareness if the field reminds you of something from your childhood you can be re exploring your roots and limitations if the field holds livestock, you can be exploring your spirited (horse) or domesticated (cow/goat) nature.