Dreaming about file

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Records organization mystery will be solved put things in order to dream that you see a file, signifies that you will transact some business which will prove unsatisfactory in the extreme to see files, to store away bills and other important papers, foretells animated discussions over subjects which bear relation to significant affairs, and which will cause you much unrest and disquiet unfavorable predictions for the future are also implied in this dream.
Records organization mystery will be solved put things in order.
Dreaming of using a rasp type file on wood is a warning against actions which, if misunderstood, could cause unpleasant gossip a dream that involved filing metal signifies a reconciliation.
If you dream of a file, represents uncertainty, restlessness, anxiety or misunderstanding.
Records; organization.
What I want to keep in order?
This dream symbol often means that the dreamer is subjected to emotional stress, suffering from guilt or moral conflict, or it indicates a degree of uncertainty of life. Old files to be retrieved means often former errors that have not been processed yet, and still burden the conscience. The fear of discovery can be expressed. Threaten to overwhelm the dreamer acts, this must be understood as a warning not to forget about ideas, spun the truth. When new files created in a dream, this may indicate that the dreamer tries, new life experiences to gain by learning.
Repeated dreams of filing cabinets, folders, etc. Indicate a tendency to compulsive-neurotic behavior. It wants order at any price, can only feel comfortable when you take total control of themselves and others exercise. Most extreme emotional distress, the cause of the constraint, all the requirements and procedures to be regulated.

Meaning for seeing file in your dreams

– indicate a process. – see: you^ll need to make a journey; – leaf through it: you are in for a professional increase; – torn: a dispute will be ended. – file folders: completion of a unsatisfactory business; – filing bills and important papers: lively debates on issues related to major issues and associated with difficulty and discomfort, as well as with poor future prospects.
– announce the general disputes, which are the more severe, occur more files in the dream appear; – old files will be brought out, searched it and will be pursued by them: pointing to past mistakes, the burden is still the conscience; – to be crushed or suffocated by them: they should think again about his abstract ideas; – creating new: it strives for more knowledge and self-awareness.