Dreaming about fingernail

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if you dream of broken, missing or dirty nails, it?s a sign of poverty, misery, and the loss of social status if you dream that you have big beautiful long nails, you are expecting success and recognition if you dream that you prune your fingernails, you would suffer losses and failures
Since fingernails grow and must be groomed, and because they are associated with the hand, dreaming of fingernails can symbolize new ways of providing for yourself or taking what you need extremely long fingernails can symbolize not letting go, while broken fingernails show how change must take place even while you hold to the past if your fingernails fall out, there is a sense of being forced to let go of what you thought you needed fingernails can also be associated with wisdom abnormal fingernails can personify the embarrassment you may feel because of your desires or needs see anatomy and body parts