Dreaming about flail

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Each percussion instrument, which plays a role in dreams, is an indication that something has power over the dreamer and wants to control it, instead of giving him the power to itself to take action. Flail warns thoughtless actions that could lead to problems and concerns and also indicated on a case to be the beating and being beaten.
A flail can illustrate the ideas of the dreaming about authority. In ancient times, the jester used a pig bladder to beat the king, with it to remember the necessary humility.
A flail can also symbolize spiritual superiority and the higher power that the dreamer would be accessible.
– flail in a dream announces unusual heavy work, but it also points to a rude and vulgar people, with whom you will have to contend with; grief.

Meaning for seeing flail in your dreams

– you have to think about it before you come to a decision.
– to see flail in a dream: success in all things; – without flail: marrying an unlovable person.