Dreaming about flame

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Inspiration i ntensity of emotion need to release a feeling to dream of fighting flames, foretells that you will have to put forth your best efforts and energy if you are successful in amassing wealth see fire.
Inspiration intensity of emotion need to release a feeling.
A flickering or diminishing flame signifies a disappointment that will probably be in the nature of a limited success; a definitely red flame warns against uncontrolled temper a very steady, strong, vertical flame predicts unqualified success a very bright flame promises great happiness.
Dreaming of the flame of a candle, suggests that you await a gift that or you expect a pleasant surprise dreaming that you see a flame, suggests that you threaten anything dreaming of kindle flames, means your looking for conflict with people who are peacefully set dreaming that you extinguish any flames, suggests that you have trouble in love but you will get better.

Meaning for seeing flame in your dreams

Dreaming of a flame can signify taking a closer look at what you are passionate about trying to light something in the rain can suggest the sense of something or someone ‘raining on your parade ’ see candle and fire.