Dreaming about floating

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Summary intellectual, absent healer, projector, hypnotist.
Dreaming of floating, denotes that you will victoriously overcome obstacles which are seemingly overwhelming you if the water is muddy your victories will not be gratifying.
A marvelous symbol of success, prosperity and all that you desire if you had no trouble staying afloat if there was some difficulty, your success will likely be delayed only slightly due to obstacles that you can easily overcome to use a rubber or plastic float is a sign of reconciliation.
Dreaming of floating in stormy or cloudy water means you have difficulties ahead, obstacles and dangers if you float in calm water in your dream, you will have a rich lifestyle and lots of cash.
This can be an astral dream^your spirit actually could be floating this is a very positive sign of good things to come it means happier, more hopeful and joyous times.
Floating in water can be symbolic of floating on top of your emotions and being in harmony with the unconscious floating through the air has the same symbolism as flying floating usually represents your current feelings of peacefulness and general freedom on a more negative note, floating could also be symbolic of your aloofness, lack of connection or a need to become more grounded in order to interpret any dream appropriately some self evaluation and honesty is required meaning of dreams is very personal and specific for each dreamer.

Meaning for seeing floating in your dreams

Many things in life float, although we usually dream of something floating in An unnatural way As the idea of letting go or opening to the unknown a symbol floating in water can symbolize an idea that has emerged from the unconscious that is connected to feelings a dandelion seed floats in the wind, and has combined an intricate design with an ability to use the wind in its pursuit of regeneration it expresses life’s wonder and endless possibilities in this way, floating can suggest finding a new way of seeing an ordinary situation when you see a symbol suspended in the air that does not usually float, the message suggests seeing beyond the restrictions you have put on whatever the symbol represents fish can symbolize opportunity; a carpet can be a message about sweeping issues under the rug or also, a message about being swept away by fantasy any symbol that is floating or flying is being brought to a high level of awareness as you let your defenses down and move toward intimacy with another, you have the sense of ‘floating on air ’ floating or seeing another symbol float is often a good indication that you are letting go of self restrictive tendencies explore the symbol that is floating for more clues about the need to open yourself to its possibilities see flying.