Dreaming about flour

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Dreaming of flour, denotes a frugal but happy life for a young woman to dream that she sees flour on herself, denotes that she will be ruled by her husband, and that her life will be full of pleasant cares to dream of dealing in flour, denotes hazardous speculations.
Buying flour in a dream signifies news of an illness, but using flour for cooking or baking is an omen of domestic contentment modified by the following specifics: barley flour pertains to happy family events potato flour suggests difficulties with young people or children rice flour indicates an increase in the family wheat flour predicts prosperity and abundance corn flour indicates successful speculation.
Dreaming the flour in a meal, suggests you are hard working which will not win you anything to dream you buy flour, means you will save the days of misery dreaming you do no want flour, suggests it is likely that someone is ill to dream of flour in bags, means you will have financial receipts to dream you sift, suggests your excited to have moments with friends.