Dreaming about foot

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In waking life, feet are our means of support and the means by which we get where we want to go feet in dreams can reflect our sense of our stability or our progress toward a waking life destination or goal take note of the location and the other people in the dream for clues to identify of the goal being barefoot in a dream can reflect feelings of connectedness or vulnerability, depending on your attitude about being barefoot in the dream aching feet in a dream reflect feelings that the waking life journey is painful being crippled or without a foot (toes or leg) reflect a sense of imbalance or lack of support in waking life related dream symbols leg.
Basic beliefs direction in life you should mend your ways in life otherwise you will suffer from your foolishness.
Dreaming that you climbing step by step or that you jump a few steps, indicates that you are doing a lot to avoid the neccessaries quickly.