Dreaming about forehead

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Dreaming of a fine and smooth forehead, denotes that you will be thought well of for your judgment and fair dealings an ugly forehead, denotes displeasure in your private affairs to pass your hand over the forehead of your child, indicates sincere praises from friends, because of some talent and goodness displayed by your children for a young woman to dream of kissing the forehead of her lover, signifies that he will be displeased with her for gaining notice by indiscreet conduct.
A dream of your own forehead is a prediction that some expected help will not materialize, but that you will be able to solve your problems through your own efforts if your dream involved smoothing someone’s forehead, it signifies a happy love affair a wrinkled forehead featured in a dream is a sign that you will soon have nothing to worry you.
Dreaming of a frowning and wrinkled forehead, suggests that you should be more careful and cautious in communicating with people to dream that you have a forehead, suggests that your friends will no longer trust you dreaming of a forehead with a lot of forehead wrinkles, signifies that you take something to be fair and intelligent to dream of a clean, big, white and high forehead, indicates that you will be honored and respected by people whom you do not know.
A forehead in a dream signifies worry over a particular issue though things may be tough right now, this dream means that you’ll soon find a resolution to the problem at hand.

Meaning for seeing forehead in your dreams