Dreaming about foreign country abroad

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Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about foreign country (or being, going abroad) in dreams.
If you are dreaming, that you are going abroad, it represents you as unstable and confused person. The dream tells you that there are changes in your life, that have to be done, without changing the environment you are at the moment. However, this means that there are some things in your life that has to become opposite then they are now. You might need to change your job, go for a hollidays, broke up or get divorced to someone. This is a sign of you growing as a person spiritually. The dream can also represent something you are going to run away from.
Am I bored with my life?
If you had dreamed that you are abroad or you^re going abroad, then this dream suggests to expand your horizons, or indicates necessary changes that has to be made quickly in your life. Such dream can also be connected with conscious ideas about the country (or place), which is visited in a dream . Other interpretation is about personal freedom or the ability to move freely in your life. But most often abroad (foreign countries) in dream points out that you are in a new situation and you are still feeling insecure. In this case dream is trying only make you more familiar before making decisions. The unconscious intention to explore the unknown places is more accurate, when in waking life the need for more security is real.

Meaning for seeing foreign country abroad in your dreams

The focus is on the need to escape from a situation. Perhaps the dreamer has broken new ground. His mind is free to take on new experiences. He is often perceived only through dreams, what he has learned and which ones are next tasks. Maps and dreams of foreign lands, people and customs are either very simple reminders or a sign of wanderlust. It can sometimes mean that the dreamer sees a new challenges for him or changed conditions of life: in situation , in tasks or in interests. For the correct interpretation of dream about abroad, it is important to know how the dreamer felt in dream: good or bad, when the scenario of dream was unpleasant. If the dream was bad about foreign country and the dreamer felt some difficulties in understanding where he is or search for specific locations was unsuccessful in dream, then such dream indicates uncertainty and fear in waking life. But if the dream was good and the dreamer felt  comfortable in his dream,while visiting foreign countries, then this means that new experiences are perceived as attractive in waking life.
On a spiritual level dreaming of going abroad is a reference to new spiritual experiences.
– To see foreign counties in a dream: a career change is probable; – Traveling to foreign countries: a great change is imminent; – To be far away from home, but in same country: a yearning for a stable situation; The dreamer is not really familiar with the matter; – To see foreigners in dream: auspicious for love affairs; – To be a foreigner: friendship and love.