Dreaming about foreign language

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Dreams of speaking a foreign language, common among foreign language students, reflect your level of confidence communicating in that language, which may be literal (french, german) to more figurative, such as the language of a new job, discipline or social group not understanding a language in the dream reflects your awareness of communication problems in waking life if a spouse or lover is speaking a different language in a dream, identify what it is that you don? T understand about each other in waking life if people at the office are speaking a foreign language, ask yourself where you? Re feeling left out and behind at work if you are in a foreign land and you can? T speak the language, you? Re feeling alienated or out of touch with what is going on somewhere in your waking life, most likely in a work or career setting.
Dreaming that you are learning a foreign language, indicates that you will deal with severe or a complicated professional situation to dream of anyone studying a foreign language, suggests that in order to keep your friends, you will make compromises.