Dreaming about forest

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If in a dream of being in a forest you are alone and frightened, it foretells that someone will break a solemn promise made to you.
Dreaming of a forest signifies a feeling of being lost or confused. You are having difficulty finding a solution for a situation or problem and do not know how to conquer it.
Confused or lost: difficulty in finding a solution or thinking out a situation. Peaceful: removal from problems, instills sense of security needed.
A forest or woods in a dream is a location where it is easy to get lost or it? S hard to find your way (? Can? T see the forest for the trees ?) it reflects concerns of being ? In the wilderness,? That you lack the desired perspective to set the best course or make the right decision in your waking life a rainforest has the added elements of water and rain, which convey that waking life circumstances are much more emotional if the feelings in the dream associated with being in the forest are scary or unsettling, try to identify where you might feel that way in your waking life.
Forests in a dream nearly always have to do with your colon this is because paths through forests are typically brown, muddy or dirt trails and difficult to follow your colon is the dirt trail in your body.
Natural forces social activities of a happy nature ready to explore to dream that you find yourself in a dense forest, denotes loss in trade, unhappy home influences and quarrels among families if you are cold and feel hungry, you will be forced to make a long journey to settle some unpleasant affair to see a forest of stately trees in foliage, denotes prosperity and pleasures to literary people, this dream foretells fame and much appreciation from the public a young lady relates the following dream and its fulfilment: i was in a strange forest of what appeared to be cocoanut trees, with red and yellow berries growing on them the ground was covered with blasted leaves, and i could hear them crackle under my feet as i wandered about lost the next afternoon i received a telegram announcing the death of a dear cousin ‘
Natural forces social activities of a happy nature ready to explore.
The interpretation of a forest dream depends on what happened in the dream, the circumstances of the dreamer and other details of the dream, all of which should be considered as a general guide: if you were alone and/or frightened, you can expect to be let down by someone on whom you rely if you were lost in the forest, the dream signifies gain if you are in modest circumstances, loss if you are well off if the main feature of the dream was the green of the trees, the dream promises a release from worry; if it was the height of the trees, the prediction is of success but only after a time of trial a forest fire forecasts happy news hiding in a forest suggests that some difficulty you are now undergoing will have an eventual benefit.

Meaning for seeing forest in your dreams

Dreaming you see the forest, means you will be healthy and wealthy to dream you walk in the woods, means you will waver in making an important decision to dream of thick and impassable woods, suggests a sign of ignorance and uncertainty to dream you are impressed with the forests, suggests you expect great success to dream of a forest fire, suggests you get bright news to hide in the forest in your dream, means the current problems you will have are lasting consequences to dream you are lost in the woods, means you will travel to an unknown city or another country.
A forest suggests an exploration of the unconscious it can also symbolize a need or desire to retreat from everyday life^to restore and revitalize your energies to dream of a lush forest in complete foliage may mean prosperity and pleasure, although finding yourself in a dense forest may signify unpleasantness at home.
The tree often signifies the roots of who you are and the genetic heritage that grows within you just as we ‘see the forest or see the trees’ the forest is a more broad perspective of the dynamics we have inherited and how they are serving us on our journey it is not uncommon to be lost, wandering or searching for something in a forest or cave as you move through various levels of consciousness sometimes you will meet the enchanting characters and animals that become archetypes during a period of transformation.