Dreaming about formal wear

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A dream of the opposition theprettier you are dressed, the worse is the meaning. The best meaning dream that may have a woman, is seeing yourself naked. See Eve;. Is your clothes torn or shabby? It is a good sight, although not so good as naked.
If you are self-sustainable in the dream, means a meeting, event or a date; pay attention to the color of clothing you wear, to understand it is a happy or a sad meeting. Sometimes the evening wear also indicates that you want to make more from yourself. If you look in a dream often in elegant evening clothes as center of a society, you are still in the beginning, but death of your career ist almost stoped. The dream already takes the reality on: you want all the way up; especially if they occur in vast red or black and gold. These are the colors of the power of wealth as it were status symbols (dress, evening gown, great, jewelry, uniform high-ranking officers, limousines, etc). To see others in formal wear you have fear, gouged out by a competitor or be a rival.