Dreaming about fraud

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Dreaming that you are defrauding a person, denotes that you will deceive your employer for gain, indulge in degrading pleasures, and fall into disrepute if you are defrauded, it signifies the useless attempt of enemies to defame you and cause you loss to accuse some one of defrauding you, you will be offered a place of high honor.
A modified dream of contrary in which the meaning may be the opposite of what you might think if you were the victim of fraud in your dream, it is a straightforward warning to guard against a loss due to treachery around you; however, if you perpetrated the fraud, prosperity is just around the corner.
Dreaming of yourself as a fraud means that you should not distort the information you have available if you dream that you are a victim of fraud, you have to be wary of false rumors and uncertainties.
Dreaming of fraud can be a warning about yourself or others who is committing fraud in the dream? If you’re the one committing fraud, it’s possible you’ve shown a side of yourself to someone and it has made you feel vulnerable.
If fraud plays a role in a dream, especially if the dreamer is the dupe, it is possible that this is too trusting. If the dreamer is cheating, he is in danger of losing a good friend. Deceit (fraud) can actually point out that it is easy because of too much trust in others and naivet??© itself into trouble. Often, you can close it but also deceptive feelings, hopes and expectations with which they deceive themselves. Old dream books give some more the following meanings: – Often the unexpected, rapid short-term happiness and restyling of its finances. – When fraud is being exposed, as a favorable sign for financial plans. – Fraud in the game is a desire for revenge on another man standing by which one feels offended. – Con artist can display in a dream that one fleeting for an erotic adventure is accessible.
If one accepts that the various characters who appear in dreams, parts of self are, then you should be careful not to deceive themselves. Those who dream often of being cheated, is afraid, not important enough to be whether in a relationship, family or work situation, shows the corresponding action on the dream. A call to fight for a better position now and not ever be satisfied with a supporting role; in life! If you cheated on lover, you should not take it too seriously, because the foreign dream bedfellow own partner is often nothing more than the unexpected assistance that we provide someone in waking life, sometimes to the vision also provide the impetus, in the intimate lives longer to go out.

Meaning for seeing fraud in your dreams

The dreamer must look at its spiritual goals and then keep them loyal, spiritual self-deception on any spiritual path of development is a great danger.
– to dream fraud in general: indicates a wrong that one should not, under any circumstances, because you avoid it, so we will rise to an honorable position; – deceive ourselves: the cost of your employer to enrich, indulge in degrading pleasures and damage your reputation; – such as being caught in a shop: good progress; want to meet people you are blocking the path to prosperity; – being cheated in a business; – cheating in general: unexpected good fortune or inheritance; to pointless attempts of enemies to harm you; – are dealing with an impostor: proclaims a love affair; – fraudsters caught in the game: you will get revenge for something; – such as being caught in a shop: good progress; – a person accused of cheating: you a most honorable office is offered.
– None dream explanation in Islam.