Dreaming about front

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Dreaming you see someone from the front, indicates that you will hear disturbing news dreaming that see yourself at the front, means that you are very scared and worried as you are headed into a heavy period of life.
A dream where focus is put on the front of something like a front door, suggests that you are concerned about how you are being perceived by others, you feel unprepared in some way, or don^t like to be in the lime light.
The front of a house, building or store symbolizes the part of us that we put ‘out there’ for others to see we are usually in the front when we are making changes to how we approach or interact with others dreaming of the front door or front yard shows how we move toward opportunity or how we socialize (unlike the back area that we keep more private ) focusing on the front of any object seems to suggest appearance or how something seems on the surface although the truth may be different the front side of the body, especially as it relates to what we wear portrays the identity and the persona just as we ‘con front’ situations these dreams show us stepping out or changing how we appear or how we do things after a period of isolation we may dream of doing something on the porch as we ‘come out’ of hiding see also placement and perspective.
Front (front side) embodies everything externally visible or conscious.

Meaning for seeing front in your dreams

– There isn^t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.