Dreaming about frying pan

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Cooking equipment or weapon; basic equipment.
What should I wear? In what way do I return to the simple things in life?
Frying pan can be understood as similar, especially when something is in it. – The empty pan on the other hand often announces an impending disappointment or loss. – If you fry something in it that will let simmer for another in order to achieve more with him. – For Freud: the pan has female-sexual meaning.
– fryiing pan in a dream: you have or get a wife; – see a blank: disappointment; – see over the fire in the preparation of food: gain; – to cook a meal: a sign of a bad argument; – a dirty or clean, wash: one will be satisfied with a company.

Meaning for seeing frying pan in your dreams

– frying pan in a dream: turn not away from your path.
– Loss of any kind.