Dreaming about gallery

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The meaning of this dream varies according to its details if it featured paintings and they were of the old master variety, you can expect the renewal of a bygone relationship; but if they were contemporary, the prediction is of interesting new additions to your social circle if the gallery featured sculpture, it indicates an unprofitable speculation if the gallery involved was in a building, theater or church, and you looked down from it, the dream signifies a happy outcome to your current project; but if you fell from it, you can expect domestic troubles and/or lovers’ quarrels.
Dreaming that you are in a gallery with paintings by old artists, suggests you will have an old friend or acquaintance to dream you see pictures or sculptures, means you will be in trouble to dream the pictures are new and modernistic, means you will meet an eccentric person if you dream that you are in the gallery, it suggests building will significantly grow your business.