Dreaming about games

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The meaning of this dream is fairly well expressed by the old axiom it’s not whether you won or lost, but how you played the game if you enjoyed the game in your dream, you can anticipate pleasant sailing ahead; however, if you were bored or annoyed by it, you can expect a spell of petty vexations.
A dream that someone plays a game means you will enjoy foreign happiness and success if you dream that you play a game, you will get rid of any annoyance or nuisance.
In order to translate a dream in which you’re playing a game, take note of what kind of game it is and whether you win or lose if it’s a board game, you may feel a bit insignificant in your current dealings if you win, it’s a good omen of what is to come if you lose, you may feel as if others are playing with you.
A dream where you are playing a game can symbolize how you are progressing in the game of life to do well in a game suggests that you are doing well in some part of your life, whereas to do badly implies you need to approach something in your life from a different angle or in a different way.

Meaning for seeing games in your dreams

Playing a game in a dream brings the idea of various aspects within you vying for competence just as you can dream of pursuing or being pursued by non integrated or emerging aspects, the game shows a deeper movement toward integration the type of game, players and your feelings surrounding the situation will provide additional clues as to how confident you are in bringing this new side forward see also ball and attack or being chased.