Dreaming about garret

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Dreaming of climbing to a garret, denotes your inclination to run after theories while leaving the cold realities of life to others less able to bear them than yourself to the poor, this dream is an omen of easier circumstances to a woman, it denotes that her vanity and sefishness{sic} should be curbed.
Dreaming of climbing up to a garret shows that you will find it easier to better your way of life and your finances an upward movement is always a good omen while a downward movement is usually an omen of ill to find yourself in a garret shows that you need to curb your vanities.
– be in garret: points to hope that may not be fulfilled; – a young woman who dreams of sleeping in an garret will not be happy with her current employment.
– None dream explanation in Islam.

Meaning for seeing garret in your dreams