Dreaming about garter

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For a lover to find his lady’s garter, foretells that he will lose caste with her he will find rivals for a woman to dream that she loses her garter, signifies that her lover will be jealous and suspicious of a handsomer person for a married man to dream of a garter, foretells that his wife will hear of his clandestine attachments, and he will have a stormy scene for a woman to dream that she is admiring beautiful jeweled garters on her limbs, denotes that she will be betrayed in her private movements, and her reputation will hang in the balance of public opinion if she dreams that her lover fastens them on her, she will hold his affections and faith through all adverse criticisms.
The meaning of a dream featuring garters depends entirely on what happened in the dream if your garters were unfastened, it is a warning of danger from bad companions to lose a garter indicates coming trouble, but if someone picked it up and gave it back to you, you can expect help from a friend however, if it was not returned, your problems will be compounded by unexpected treachery to dream of finding a garter is a warning that you are currently skating on thin ice, and you would be wise to alter your course before you go through it.
If a woman dreams she is wearing a beautiful garter at her wedding it denotes that her reputation will suffer if she commits an indiscretion and it becomes known if a man sees his lovers garter it is an omen foretelling he will have many rivals for her affection if a garter is lost and searched for it denotes bitter quarrels and jealousy.