Dreaming about gate

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Closed: an opportunity for you to decide upon. Open: the beginning of an opportunity to leave your current situation.
Gazelle ? See deer in dream dictionary: animals gems ? See dream dictionary: jewels genitals ? Also see dream dictionary: body dreams of our genitals directly reflect our thoughts about our own sexuality. Dreaming of someone else? S genitals infers we have, or we wish to have, sexual intimacy with that person.
Opening or closure of something to dream of seeing or passing through a gate, foretells that alarming tidings will reach you soon of the absent business affairs will not be encouraging to see a closed gate, inability to overcome present difficulties is predicted to lock one, denotes successful enterprises and well chosen friends a broken one, signifies failure and discordant surroundings to be troubled to get through one, or open it, denotes your most engrossing labors will fail to be remunerative or satisfactory to swing on one, foretells you will engage in idle and dissolute pleasures.
Opening or closure of something.
This is a form of an obstacle dream all the contributing (if any) factors should be correlated, but as a general guide: an open gate signifies opportunities ahead a closed gate indicates obstacles which can be overcome if you succeeded in opening it a locked gate predicts insurmountable obstacles, unless you climbed over it or found a way around it, in which case your frustration will be transitory.
A gate may represent a portal from one state of being to another is there a gatekeeper? Do you meet the gatekeeper’s criteria for passage to the next level?

Meaning for seeing gate in your dreams

A gate may represent a portal from one state of being to another is there a gatekeeper? Do you meet the gate keeper´s criteria for passage to the next level? .
The difference between a door and a gate is in how it protects you closing and locking a door presents the idea that you can open and shut some aspect of yourself at will the gate often symbolizes more of a defensive structure at the same time, the gate is a symbol of entering a new threshold or your movement into more profound and unknown level of awareness.