Dreaming about gautama buddha

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In the dream represents the Buddha^s denial or loss of the ego dar. It is necessary to liberate himself from the thought and desire. Buddha (often as a statue) can represent the collective unconscious, for wisdom, advice and help, he will then be understood in general as a symbol of good luck for next time. Pray to the statue, you have probably a concern, but do not dare to talk about it with others. Sometimes Buddha also shows that it is overly influenced by outside, from a dominant, revered and idealized personality and who should escape again.
If you dream that you are a Buddhist, then it is important that the differences between Eastern and Western religion to keep in mind.
At this level means the Buddha^s spiritual clarity.
– be or see his statue: one is afraid of the hypnotic influence of a person whom one can not escape; – worship: people try to tell people what you have on your mind, but you will not dare; – be addressed by one: it will enter an unexpectedly favorable event.

Meaning for seeing gautama buddha in your dreams

– None dream explanation in Islam.