Dreaming about geese

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They might bring an extensive journey surrounded by good fortune to dream that you are annoyed by the quacking of geese, denotes a death in your family to see them swimming, denotes that your fortune is gradually increasing to see them in grassy places, denotes assured success if you see them dead, you will suffer loss and displeasure for a lover, geese denotes the worthiness of his affianced if you are picking them, you will come into an estate to eat them, denotes that your possessions are disputed.
Whether they’re swimming, flying or on the ground, seeing geese in your dream is a forecast of improving conditions but if you heard them cackling, you are being warned that someone may be trying to con you with sweet talk.
You see geese in a dream, enjoy the profits earned if you dream that you are feeding them bred or raising geese, you will earn money from your favorite activities if you eat a roasted goose, you will get rich if you see a flock of wild geese, expect happiness in your home if you lose a goose, you may lose your luck if you hit a goose with a car, you will drop rank in your work or will suffer losses.