Dreaming about genitals

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Dreaming of genitals, means you have sexual desires and needs.
This is an obvious sexual dream that brings out your attitudes and concerns in regard to your sexuality if you are feeling guilty, stressed or concerned about your sexual activities (or a lack of them), they will be reinforced in these explicit dreams containing sexual organs if you are dreaming about the sexual organs of other people, you may be concerned about their sexuality or other troubling issues that are surrounding them dreaming about sexual organs usually has something to do with sex but not necessarily, so consider all the details.
Genitals have associations that transcend the simple ideas of sex breasts often relate to how you are exploring self nurturing ideas and behavior for a woman, breasts can symbolize what she gives of value to society, from the sense of how breasts nourish new life female genitalia for a woman will signify her essence or deeper connection to life to a man, female body parts reflect issues related to sensitivity while he explores the ‘undeveloped’ traits associated with femininity male genitals for a man can represent his power and life force, while a woman dreaming of male genitals can represent being more empowered or aggressive see also male genitals, womb, anatomy and body parts, anima/animus.