Dreaming about girder

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Trouble ahead is signaled in a dream featuring the girders of a construction; someone is waiting to catch you in a mistake be diligent.
Sure support.
What does my higher consciousness?
Drags you in a dream, a heavy beam, that burden the dreamer serious problems. Bars that lie at the feet denote obstacles in the way of life. Bars indicate before the eye, that we correct the internal point of view was taken.

Meaning for seeing girder in your dreams

– to see old and broken ginder in a dream: loss; – a throw or give away: one tries imposing his own fault or other misconduct; – a new gift received: best of luck in family life; – from wood: means a load which is borne; – from a light beam: get well-deserved reward.
– see: discord; – wear: you can count on heavy grief.