Dreaming about girl

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Dreaming of a girlfriend can be a straightforward representation of feelings or anxieties about your real life girlfriend. If you don’t have one in real life, the dream represents a desire for more affection and appreciation.
A girl can indicate you at the age of the girl in the dream this is true regardless of your gender if you are male it means that there are issues with your mother / female side that were triggered at the age of the girl in the dream if you are a woman it can be any event at that age around either parent.
Learning to be receptive happiness and tranquility.
Learning to be receptive happiness and tranquility.
Dreaming of a young girl whom you recognize is a sign of encouraging prospects; if she is a stranger, the dream forecasts some sudden surprising news.
If you dream of a good girl, it tells you to wait for big expenses if you kiss her to dream of a weeping girl, means to expect trouble to dream of a dancing girl, suggests you are going to have a love experience to see yourself as a girl in your dream, but you are not, is warning you to be aware of false information and lies dreaming that you talk with a girl, suggests you will receive news.

Meaning for seeing girl in your dreams

Dreaming of a little girl can signify a longing for innocence or more purity in your life it could also refer to femininity and the need to be taken care of if you see yourself as a little girl, it means that you’re feeling very vulnerable lately and you need to set others straight.
The girl can portray the innocent application of the feminine or sensitive nature a man dreaming of a girl may be exploring sensitivity learned as a child, while a woman may be exploring aspects of actual childhood see the unknown child under archetypes and universal characters.