Dreaming about glacier

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If you dream of seeing a glacier on a slope or mountainside, you will go on an extended tour of northern countries.
Important news from a distance or news that will take you on a long journey is forecast in a dream of seeing or being on a glacier a dream of looking or falling into a crevasse in a glacier is a warning that some change you are contemplating could be extremely dangerous; don’t do it or at least put it off until you’ve gotten competent advice to dream of crossing safely over a crevasse in a glacier signifies that the obstacles facing you are not as great as you think.
Dreaming that you go to look at the glacier, means you expect hazards in the work that you do many treachery and traps.
The setting of a dream often describes the current condition of your inner world dreaming of a glacier can be symbolic of a type coldness holding a grudge in a way that has made you ‘icy’ or aloof if the glacier is moving it can represent the melting away of past grievances you are awakening to a springtime within by letting go of something that seemed monumental.