Dreaming about glasses

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This is your outlook on life also, your ability to see what’s going on this is your outlook on life also, your ability to see what’s going on.
Dreaming that you broke or you lost your glasses, suggests that you will reveal your intentions and devises dreaming that you wear glasses, suggests that you will discover a planned trick or secret to dream of someone with with glasses, means you should be protected from insidious partners dreaming that you wear sunglasses, predicts that you will be ripped in love dreaming that you buy glasses, suggests that you will want the assistance of hypocrites.
Dreaming of glasses is a warning that you’re not seeing things as clearly as you should take note of what’s happening around you and who is in the dream perhaps this person is trying to tell you something? .
A dream with glasses may suggest that you need to look at something more clearly in some part of your life, or that you need to be more of an extrovert in some situations.

Meaning for seeing glasses in your dreams

A dream that focuses on eyeglasses can be offering a message about putting things in perspective or seeing more clearly if there is something odd about the glasses, examine what makes them functional/dysfunctional as symbolism related to changing your perspective glasses in a cupboard can be associated with family dynamics, as in heirlooms and how our emotional responses are adopted from early upbringing sunglasses can symbolize diminishing the ‘glare’ when you are over reactive or unwilling to face something that makes you angry see also binoculars, glasses and microscopes.