Dreaming about gloves

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Goad to attempt to goad someone in a dream is a representation of one? S need to control others. It is also the unconscious confronting us with our willingness to manipulate.
Dreaming of wearing new gloves, denotes that you will be cautious and economical in your dealings with others, but not mercenary you will have law suits, or business troubles, but will settle them satisfactorily to yourself if you wear old or ragged gloves, you will be betrayed and suffer loss if you dream that you lose your gloves, you will be deserted and earn your own means of livelihood to find a pair of gloves, denotes a marriage or new love affair for a man to fasten a lady’s glove, he has, or will have, a woman on his hands who threatens him with exposure if you pull your glove off, you will meet with poor success in business or love.
The meaning of this dream varies according to the details, but as a general rule, gloves worn in a dream signify emotional security, and brand new gloves portend financial security losing gloves indicates that some expected help will not materialize, whereas finding gloves predicts help from an unexpected source shabby, soiled or torn gloves are an omen of disappointments, but they will be temporary long or gauntlet type gloves pertain to love matters, and if they were in good condition, your love affairs will be too.
If you got gloves in a dream means you will enjoy good health taking off gloves, means you’ll obey anybody if you see in your dream a glove, you will offend or provoke losing your gloves, means you will lose your privileges.
If you dream of wearing gloves, regardless of the weather, it means that caution should be exercised in your upcoming financial dealings to dream of old, ragged gloves means that you may suffer a loss or betrayal soon to dream of finding a pair of gloves can mean that a new love affair (even with your current partner) may start soon.
A dream featuring a glove or gloves suggests that you need to approach something carefully.

Meaning for seeing gloves in your dreams

Since gloves protect the hands you may be acting overly self protective rather than reaching out to take what you feel you need the idea of using ‘kid gloves’ in a situation can make this a symbol of using extra care in approaching an issue finding an unusual glove can represent new capabilities or learning a new skill in your work finally, the glove can symbolize an inability to receive from the sense of intimacy, as in being more able to feel a sport type glove would have more of an association with integrating work with other responsibilities or something related to balancing various aspects of your life see also hand and clothing.