Dreaming about glue

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You are being warned to guard your capital and recheck on any recent investments if your dream featured the use of glue to mend anything to get glue on your fingers or clothes is an assurance of loyal friends, while the use of glue to stick things together (as opposed to mending them) predicts advancement and/or recognition within your profession, business or main sphere of activity.
Dreaming that you see glue, predicts that you may suffer from annoying people.
Glue, in a dream, may signify your wish to bind something or someone to you do you want to be closer to someone? If you dream that the glue is an annoyance, it may be that you feel stuck in a current situation or that someone is not sticking to a promise he made you.
Glue in a dream can refer to the idea of attempting to make something stick that feels like it is broken or falling down it can relate to insecurities in a variety of areas so examine what you are gluing back together a broken vase can represent relationships; a photograph can suggest a perspective you are trying to recapture if the glue is on your fingers you may feel you are attracting the very experiences you would rather avoid consider the ideas you entertain during the day are they positive and optimistic? The glue is a symbol of why you attract or hold onto the same experiences.