Dreaming about goal

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Dreaming of a goal (as in posts) is associated with the obvious ? Goal setting. Note should be taken of the size of the goal and how close or far it is.
Dreaming of scoring a goal or seeing one scored predicts new friends and new opportunities.
If you dream of being locked tight and on display in an old fashioned goal such as was once used you will find yourself hindered on every turn as you try to reach your own goal (aim) in life if you are released and pardoned you will find your business enjoys much prosperity after a bad start.
The goal is an obvious symbol or where your actions are currently taking you since you are dreaming about it, chances are you are not aware of the root of your own motivation dreaming of a goal can be a more obvious way of exploring your goals to see if they are right for you or to ensure that they are obtainable see games.

Meaning for seeing goal in your dreams