Dreaming about goats

Persistence goat is normally understood as a symbol of frugality and perseverance, sometimes as a help, especially for the successful management in difficult situations. It is sometimes and obstinacy, intransigence and aggression to the fore, which is less useful. Scapegoat in individual cases, it displays the circumstances, the attempt to shift fault and responsibility on a scapegoat or is abused themselves like that.
In the explanation of a dream, which is about goats, the attention must be paid to the gender of the beast, for female and male (billy-goat) there are different meanings. Male goat in a dream is a symbol for male stubbornness and aggression. Female goat, however, embodies skill, modesty and adaptability. When she is bleating in our dreams, we have to do something in the real life with someone, which can not do anything right, the criticism is justified. If you saw jumping and funny goat means, that you should pack the arrogance or recklessness.
Symbol of a careful eavesdropping, knowing creature.
Arabian negligent if seeing in flocks – when in the dream you see goats in flocks, then this dream shows you that you have to deal with careless people;

earnings and weepers if seeing white goat – this dream announces you good income, but you also have to deal with disgruntled moaners, which want to use your success;

worries if seeing black goat - black goats in the dream shows that you have to deal with moaners, the bargain with an evil character who wants to inflict a large damage;

illness if eating goat meat – this dream is a warning about a disease, according to the amount consumed, disease is more or less dangerous.

illness if eating goat meat – this dream is a warning about a disease, according to the amount consumed, disease is more or less dangerous

richness if seeing goat's hair or wool – such a dream means wealth, material prosperity, opulence;

hard work and earnings  if dressed in goat wool or hair – to dream, that you or someone else is wearing a dress made of goat hair, there will be a lot of work and effort to irregular income earning.

european uncertainty if seeing piebald – this dream shows you that happiness is unpredictable and is not reliable;

modesty if seeing milk or milking – in the dream you see milk or the action of milking (no matter you do this or someone else), you have to be humble. Modesty is now for the wisdom, you will soon endure in extreme caution;

Meaning for seeing goats in your dreams

gladness and recovery if drinking goat's milk – this dream promises healing and joy in your life;

great harvest if seeing running goats around on a farm – this dream is a good sign about your awesome harvest (in business, personal life);

warning if seeing jumping – this dream is a warning that you should avoid any mischief or carelessness;

signal if seeing elsewhere – that points to reckless transactions which you should avoid through increasing wealth;

no doubt if seeing a kid of goat – in the dream you see an yeanling of goat might mean that you have no scruples, when it comes to business or pleasure; also this is going to hurt a loved one;

complaint if listening – you are dreaming that you hear or listen to goats' bleating, this shows that you will work so hard and someone will constantly complain about you;

stubbornness if  seeing a male goat (billy goat) - this dream shows that you are either yourself rightly 'stubborn' or make unnecessary resistance, or a bad person makes a stubborn by his behavior;

be careful if seeing a male goat with horns – this dream is advisable to beware of spies;

contempt if a woman is riding on a goat – the woman dreams that she is riding on the goat, she will be despised for unseemly behavior.

pickings if a woman drinks goat milk – in the dream woman drinks goat's milk she will marry for the money and might not regret her decision.

hindu wayward if seeing – you are very capricious;

worries if seeing black – this dream announces you about hardship, your concerns are grounded, but you're not alone;

joy if seeing white – in the dream you see a white goat this shows that you get a success, happiness, good business, but you need to detect some vicious people and avoid them;

disease if seeing goat's milk or drinking milk (or seeing someone else is drinking) – in the dream you or somebody is drinking goat's milk, this is a warning about an  illness in the family;

troubles if seeing the slaughter – this dream refers to that you will get in troubles by dissolute economy;

stubbornness if seeing male goat – this dream shows that you are a stubborn man.

* see also dreams about pet, stable, animal, goatherd.

Neither white nor black goat brings good luck, but all show without exception an evil, the white less, the black more.
Keywords: omnivores; hair; collide; horns lust; horned gods; earth-religion. Description: goats are four-legged, horned mammals that are occurred worldwide. The goats in some parts of the world are also useful for its milk and meat. They can be relatively easy to tame and prefer to live in community with other animals.  they eat almost everything and it is difficult to keep them in a fenced area. General meaning: your freedom-seeking part; feels constricted by the pressure of the conventions; one aspect of you is willing to fight for everything you want. Association: a lustful person, an old man, a horny man image, a man who has to play the role of scapegoat; grumble; derogatory term for a woman. Transcendent importance: an ally who can help you with the safety of his movements to find what you are looking for.
They are associated with lusty vigor and relentless energy. It means cautious dealings and a steady increase of wealth.
If you dream of a goat or goats, life will be very happy, prosperity and progress are expected. The more goats, the better rate of progress.
Dreams about a goat represents persistence, relentlessness, or an unwillingness to give up a goat in a dream may reflect you or someone else that is obsessed with something or is unwilling to give up goats may also reflect people or situations that seem adjust or adapt to everything you do goats are often depicted in satanic images to reflect the relentless nature of negativity.

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