Dreaming about golf

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To play golf in your dreams means that you will turn over a new leaf and be able to right a wrong.
Gong to see or hear a gong in a dream is indicative that something in the dreamer? S life has come to a conclusion or must immediately come to an end.
To be playing golf or watching the game, denotes that pleasant and successive wishing will be indulged in by you to see any unpleasantness connected with golf, you will be humiliated by some thoughtless person.
Whether you played it yourself or observed others playing it, this dream pertains to affairs with the opposite sex, and its meaning depends on the circumstances if the game, general atmosphere and condition of the course was pleasant, your love interests should flourish however, if the game was a strain and/or the links weren’t well kept, you can expect a siege of heartache.

Meaning for seeing golf in your dreams

Dreaming of a golf course, suggests you expect an experience in love, however you are defective and will have problems with the opposite sex to dream that your playing or watching golf, means you should be more rigorous in your work.