Dreaming about gorilla

In being so similar to the human being, gorillas have represented the more frightening aspects of mankind. As time passes, we recognize familiar aspects of a somewhat undeveloped personality coupled with a strong sense of family.
If you saw a gorilla in your dream, advises that you may be too'sover the top" in your behavior. Perhaps you are compensating for your rigidity and stiffness in your waking life. Alternatively, the gorilla symbolizes your primitive impulses, wild nature and veiled sexual energy.
A warning; unlike'smonkey", a gorilla is figurative of a heathen, savage like person.
Dreams about this gentle, kindhearted animal almost always represents a new friendship, or the reaffirming of an old friendship even if the gorilla appears to be on the rampage, this is still a positive symbol a gorilla that is angry or upset merely fortells minor misunderstandings with a friend.
You will regain your strength but there will be a postponement of success.
Seeing a gorilla in your dream implies that a close friend wil be humiliated in some social situation. Or, you could suffer a painful misunderstanding or fight with a good friend.
Dreaming about this big ape portends a painful misunderstanding. If the animal was very docile or definitely friendly, however, the dream forecasts a very unusual new friend.
To dream about a gorilla, means you will experience fear from someone. Having a dream that the gorilla is friendly, means you will have a strange friend.
It is an ambiguous image which in most cases personifies the forbidden man's instinct the gorilla often dreams the woman in connection with the man to whom she resists trying not to recognize the importance and to resist to positive sexuality of men, ladies represent them to wild animals men have such dream much less often, and in their case it means domination of the female owner.
As a primate that resembles humans, this animal is very territorial and frightening. The gorilla can symbolize rage or anger or an aspect of power that is not being expressed. It is typical for a woman when you are dreaming of a gorilla or king kong creature when she is approaching menstrual changes as a symbol of the immense power that her body holds over her. Kissing this creature can symbolize connecting with these life stages in a positive way. For a man, the gorilla can capture a sense of being overly-masculine at the expense of one's sensitivity. See animals

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