Dreaming about gossip

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Dreaming that you are being gossiped about means that something good will come your way. If you are gossiping about another person, it will lead to humiliation for you.
Dreaming of being interested in common gossip, you will undergo some humiliating trouble caused by overconfidence in transient friendships if you are the object of gossip, you may expect some pleasurable surprise.
The interpretation of this dream depends on the details if you were the subject of the gossip, you could hear pleasant news to dream of engaging in or listening to gossip about others signifies family disagreements over property, or domestic quarrels a dream of being accused of gossip or being caught at it is a warning that you could be humiliated by repeating confidences, so guard your tongue.
Dreaming of gossip, means you will speak for false things to hear gossip in your dreams, means you will learn about an engagement or marriage.

Meaning for seeing gossip in your dreams

If people are gossiping about you in your dream, you’re concerned with your recent behavior and are worried what people may think of you if you’re the one gossiping, you may feel that the power you have over someone isn’t quite as strong as it seems.
A dream where you are gossiping can imply that you are not being as productive as you can or you are still in the early stages of progression.