Dreaming about grandmother

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Your grandmother symbolizes your mother and female side in a dream for example, her dying in a dream asks you to let the negative influence of your mother die.
Grandmothers can of course simply link to themselves and so if some important issue is involving them right now then you maybe thinking about them but they can also be symbolic they can link to the passage of time in some way a grandmother may link to your assessment of how well or badly your experience of something has been going its essentially then symbolic of some review of your experiences.
Dreaming of a cheerful and happy grandmother, means that soon you will meet new friends seeing a sad and decrepit grandmother, means one of your acquaintances will benefit unfairly from you if you dream you are a grandmother, you will know someone? S secret such a dream bodes eternal feminine wisdom dreaming of a grandmother you do not know, means you should stick to your promises if you dream of your own grandmother, happy news is ahead if you see your grandmother in a dream, you are supposed to accept help or advice from friends, to manage to finish the work you have undertaken.
Notice the aspects of this dream are you dreaming of a grandmother who has passed on? If the dream is vivid and in color, chances are that you’re having an astral visit with her perhaps she wants to let you know she’s fine or she has advice for you if you dream of someone else’s grandmother, you probably long to be close to a maternal figure.